NEW Move Write Handwriting Programme, by Dr. Sinead McCauley Lambe

The Move Write pupil books are developmentally designed to support the introduction of print or cursive handwriting styles, dependent on your learners’ developmental needs.

Each book is accompanied by a FREE Prepare to Write Pupil Book presenting 20 step-by-step drawings that are based on nine geometric shapes from the Beery test of visual integration.

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Simple summer early years crafting ideas you MUST try!

Good weather, crafting activities and summer can only mean one thing…outdoor crafts!

There is nothing better than getting crafty in the sunshine and for the best ideas to engage early years learners in this wonderful weather, we turned to our brilliant brand rep @my_three_little_strawberries for some inspiration and they’ve shared their favourite sunny day outdoor crafting ideas for you to try.

Best of all, these ideas are quick and easy and something which parents, guardians and care givers can try at home too.

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The Power of Play: how free and unstructured play builds resilience in children to cope with adversity

The benefits of play to children’s physical, emotional and sensory development have long since been recognised and emphasised as part of the primary school curriculum.

Ines Lawlor presents the evidence* supporting the relationship between the deterioration in children’s mental health and the decline in unstructured play. She also highlights what teachers can do to create opportunities for play within the school environment or in collaboration with parents at home.

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Sensory Room: How to Build a Successful Sensory Room for Greater Brain Development

Many parents, professionals, Pediatric Therapists and Occupational Therapists have asked what items to use for a sensory room. While it may take many months, even years, to acquire the equipment needed for your students, there are a few key items you can add to your sensory room without breaking the bank. All the other items, you can add to your sensory room over time to help your child or student with sensory integration.

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