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Practice Makes Perfect!
180 Days of English is a new programme designed to help pupils to progress in their language learning and development. Original texts will engage children to build their reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary and grammar, and writing skills. From cursive handwriting support and word–picture matching activities for younger classes, activities progress to longer texts with in-depth questions that assess understanding of purpose, genre and voice as well as comprehension strategies and fluency.
A combination of fiction and non-fiction texts are provided, organised into weekly themes. Three short texts and corresponding questions introduce a topic. These can be used to assess children’s engagement, phonological awareness, vocabulary and comprehension. A longer text is presented on day 4, and an open writing task on the weekly theme on day 5.
Great for in-class lessons, after school, intervention, or homework, teachers can help students gain regular practice through these daily activities. The activities provide an at-a-glance opportunity for formative assessment of children’s learning. With these easy-to-use pupil books, children will boost their English skills in a hurry!

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