Simple summer early years crafting ideas you MUST try!

Good weather, crafting activities and summer can only mean one thing…outdoor crafts!

There is nothing better than getting crafty in the sunshine and for the best ideas to engage early years learners in this wonderful weather, we turned to our brilliant brand rep @my_three_little_strawberries for some inspiration and they’ve shared their favourite sunny day outdoor crafting ideas for you to try.

Best of all, these ideas are quick and easy and something which parents, guardians and care givers can try at home too.


Craft Activity 1: Underwater Friends

From smiley starfish to wonderful whales, there are a whole host of sea creatures you can make to help bring the summer into your setting. We love the 3 ideas @my_three_little_strawberries has come up with below. What other underwater friends could you make? Have a go and tag us on Instagram @abcschoolsuppliesire


Craft Activity 2: Nature wings, wands and crowns

We all know how much little ones love to dress up, and pretending to be fairies, wizards or princesses can lead to hours of imaginative play. By why not have a go at allowing the children to create their own role play accessories and turn imaginative play into a full cross curricular activity? Simply collect natural materials from around the garden and use them to decorate paper wings, crowns, hats and more!

Craft Activity 3: Transient Art

Encourage children to use their imaginations and create mini masterpieces from natural materials. Simply provide them with a tray, frame or even a piece of paper, teamed with a range of natural materials and watch as their creativity unfolds.




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