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Spelling Made Fun using Visual Patterns is a new and innovative fun, multi-sensory spelling programme developed specifically for Irish Primary schools and has been extensively reviewed by practising teachers nationwide.
Weekly units of work which include fun activities to reinforce the spellings, word searches, phonic activities, cloze procedure exercises, opportunities for colouring, drawing and generating their own sentences using the words in the spelling units.
Spelling lists with practice sheets for each unit.
Using the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check technique.
Spelling lists include words relevant to the pupil writing.
CVC words, high frequency words, word families.
Self-evaluation weekly record sheets.
Revision sheets.
Tricky word bank to record pupils’ own personal errors.
An overall record grid to record scores for each unit for both teachers and pupils to monitor and track progress.
Dictation is an essential element of this programme.
Pupil Books
Available for each different level from Senior Infants to 6th Class
Provide active and collaborative learning
Teacher’s Guides
There are three books in the series.
Book 1 is suggested for ages 5-7,
Book 2 for 7-10 and
Book 3 for ages 10-12.
However each book can be also be used and adapted for children with SEN at both Primary and Secondary level.
Each book in the series is fully photocopiable.
Straightforward and easy to administer with lots of spelling tips , rules and mnemonics 
The visual patterns greatly reduce the memory load required to retain spelling thus making learning spelling easier and fun.

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