Hi everyone!

Welcome to Clara’s Corner, hosted by Clara Fiorentini!.

Children’s literature is one of Clara’s biggest passions, so we’re delighted for you to tune in.

Each month Clara is going to review and recommend three gorgeous texts on our blogpost called Clara’s Corner. Here she’ll share some suggestions for extension activities to suit the classroom and some things to try if you’re reading at home.

We look forward to sharing lots of great recommendations with you over the coming months.

Happy reading!

About Clara:
Clara Fiorentini is a former primary school teacher, now lecturing in initial teacher education at Marino Institute of Education, Dublin where she specialises in literacy education and children’s literature. Clara provides CPD for teachers and early childhood educators in the areas of literacy, children’s literature, playful learning and school transitions. Clara is
completing her PhD research on preschool literacy practices at Trinity College Dublin and is the current President of the Literacy Association of Ireland (2024). Clara is a huge advocate for children’s literature and the use of the read-aloud in school and the home.
You can connect with Clara via Instagram, X or via her website.
For contact and enquiries, please email: [email protected]