Get Your Little Ones Ready for Big School!


As the transition from preschool to primary school approaches, excitement fills the air for both children and their parents. This significant milestone marks the beginning of a new chapter in a child’s educational journey. At ABC School Supplies, we understand the importance of supporting young learners during this  time. That’s why we’ve created the “Prepare for Primary Packs,” a thoughtfully curated collection of essential items designed to equip your little ones with the key skills they need for starting big school.

Why Choose the Prepare for Primary Pack?

Curated by experienced early years educators Éadaoin & Jenni of @Inspiringplayearlyyears on Instagram, with 14 years of combined experience in early childhood education, each item has been carefully selected to support essential motor development and build skills that will aid young children as they step into primary school.

What’s Inside the Prepare for Primary Pack?

Our Prepare for Primary Pack includes a variety of items that are both fun and functional, ensuring that children are well-equipped for their new learning environment:

  • A4+ Mesh Wallet: Ideal for keeping all their new supplies organized and easy to carry.
  • A4 Whiteboard: A versatile tool for drawing, writing, and practicing new skills.
  • Black Whiteboard Marker: Perfect for use with the whiteboard, making learning interactive and fun.
  • Scissors: Child-friendly scissors to help develop fine motor skills through cutting activities.
  • Chubby Crayons: Easy-to-hold crayons that are perfect for little hands, encouraging creative expression.
  • Marla: A versatile modeling compound that allows children to mold and create, enhancing their tactile skills.
  • Push Popper Fidget Spinner: A fun tool to help with focus and fine motor development.
  • Peg Board & 200 Coloured Pegs: Great for developing hand-eye coordination, sorting, and pattern recognition.

Follow Éadaoin & Jenni on Instagram at @Inspiringplayearlyyears for tips, activities, and inspiration on how to make the most of your child’s early learning experiences.

Order now and make the transition to primary school a joyous and smooth experience for your little learner!