The Jolly Readers use controlled vocabulary so children can read words from their knowledge of the letter sounds in Jolly Phonics.

Only a few essential tricky words are used, and these are shown at the back of each book. The Jolly Readers have engaging and lively stories which children enjoy.The problem of heavily controlled vocabulary (\’cat sat on the mat\’) is overcome by the much wider use of words available with digraphs, such as splash, paint, look, and trail.

Each level of the Jolly Readers has three series (each with 6 different books): Inky Mouse and Friends. (Stories about Inky, Snake and Bee and the world of the characters in Jolly Phonics) General Fiction. (Both new and classic stories) Nonfiction. (Factual information and stories)

The Jolly Readers are designed to start once a child has learned all the 42 sounds in Jolly Phonics, and can read new words by blending the sounds together. In normal classes the child is at this stage about two thirds through their first year at school.

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