ABC’s January Book of the Month

While We Can’t Hug by Eoin Mc Laughlin and Polly Dunbar

The bestselling and heart-warming picture book that shows us ways to be affectionate while social distancing, from the team behind The Hug.

Hedgehog and Tortoise were the best of friends. They wanted to give each other a great, big hug. But they weren’t allowed to touch. “Don’t worry,” said Owl. “There are lots of ways to show someone you love them.” So the two friends wave to each other, blow kisses, sing songs, dance around and write letters. And even though they can’t hug and they can’t touch, they both know that they are loved. A gorgeous, uplifting, inspiring picture book that makes social distancing fun!   

   Reviews for While We Can’t Hug: 

‘Such an amazing message. Read to a 3 year old who is really struggling with not being able to see and hug her grandparents at the moment, we spoke about all the different ways to show someone you can love them and wrote them a letter after reading the story. So important at this time, with the world as it is at the moment. The pictures are beautifully illustrated and I love the muted, pastel colour theme- great for winding down for bed. Also love that the sentences are quite simple and short, will be great for when ducky starts to read by herself. ‘

‘The children said it was the best story they had ever had!
A beautiful story that leaves you feeling warm inside.
Pictures as engaging and bring the story to life!
100% recommend this book.’


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