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Caterpinch is an absolutely irresistible fidget that even you won't want to put down! Each segment o..

Dress Up Dragon

Each element of dressing is represented on the dragon. Mr. Dragon's hat adheres with hook and loop c..

Easy Flow Tridget

Encourages manipulation and tactile awareness. How does it work? Each bulb is filled with 60% of gre..

Ellie Grip (Left Handed)

Creates a strong grasp! The adorable "sock" pal maintains proper grasp. Created by a therapist, the ..

Ellie Grip (Right Handed)

Creates a strong grasp! The adorable "sock" pal maintains proper grasp. Created by a therapist, the ..

Fidget Wheel

Your little captains can easily grab onto the spokes or the wheel to manipulate the little enclosed ..

Grab-N-Balls set of 3 10cm

The outward grippy texture of the Grab-N-Ball is the same as the Roll-N-Rattle's one, while the cha..


Grabits is a unique tool for grabbing and holding. It has the landing characteristics of a beanbag b..

GumFun Finger Strengthener

This finger strengthener is simple to play. Move all the gum from its stretchy lycra channels into t..

MegAbility Beads

These MegAbility Beads provide a hands on stringing experience for kids of all abilities. Ideal for ..

Mini Breathing Sphere

The Mini Breathing Sphere magically expands from 13cm to 30cm and is very addictive! Physical therap..

Original Tangle

The Tangle Original Textured is the perfect Tangle for sensory and tactile fun. Its size, bright col..

Pair of Fidgety Finger Loops

The Fidgety Finger Loops will keep children engaged for hours. In the brightly colored loop, kids ca..

Sensation Ball

Ball with two small hard plastic balls inside. As they roll, the user hears them while simultaneousl..

Set of 10 Textured Bean Bags

Set of 10 textured beanbags in assorted colors and textures ideal for tactile stimulation or cogni..

Set of 10 Thera Feel & Find Balls

These ten Thera-Feel and Find Spheres look the same…yet each of the five non-bounce ball-shaped ba..

Set of 12 Abiligrips

Abiligrips enable those with motor difficulty or weak grip to hold pencils, paintbrushes, eating ust..

Set of 12 Grotto Grips

Eye and hand helpers, happier handwriting, a design innovation! Large, comfortable grip encourages p..

Set of 25 Spaceworms

Students love to use Spaceworms as they immediately and accurately help to space words and position ..

Set of 3 Egg-Ohs! Pencil Grip

Adorable egg-shaped grips develop the small muscles of the hand needed to write with precision. Deve..
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