Racket Games
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BadaLoons Set of 6 colors

BadaLoons are lightweight and easy to swing. Ideal for badminton initiation. Great to use use with f..

BoundaLoons, Set of 6

The BoundaLoon furthers inclusion with its twin-handhold design, allowing greater, two-handed contro..

MegaLoons - Set of 6

Paddle with striking surface gives it trampoline-like responsiveness that, with very little effort, ..

Mono Fling Set

Mono Fling requires just one person per net, can involve groups or be played alone. Recommended ball..

PaddleLoons Set of 6

PaddleLoons were designed to meet the different skill levels of each student. Each paddle features a..

Sling–N-Shoot Racket Set

Ideal rackets for catching and throwing acivities. Contains 2 rackets and 1 ball. Racket size: 40x18..

Springy Rackets – Set of 6

Lightweight and handheld Springy Rackets act like mini trampolines to bounce the foam ball between 2..

Springy Rackets – Set of 6 replacement balls

Set of 6 replacement balls for our Springy Racket Set...
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