Handling, Throwing & Catching
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BallsEye is designed to make throwing and catching fun. It increases the success rate for beginners,..

Can Toss Set

Develop your sharp skill and eye-hand coordination with this toss game set in can design and made of..

Catch-a-Ball Set of 6 colors

Catch-a-ball is ideal for hand-eye coordination improvement. Simply swing the tethered ball in the a..


It’s a fun way to simultaneously teach eye-tracking, eye-hand coordination and memory. All this is a..

Economy Bean Bags Set of 12

Bean bags filled with recycled polypropylene pellets. Water resistant. Sold in a set of 12 pieces ..

Edubug Bean Bags (Set of 6 colours)

These soft vinyl bean bags are perfectly shaped for a kid’s hand. Each bug is numbered from 1 to 6,..

Foam Noodle Bits and Slices - Pack of 200

Used for hundreds of games and activities. These soft foam, half-moon and round-shaped pieces are ..

Foam Shuttle

This fun shuttle offers excellent flight properties. Can be used for Indiaca play or various racket ..

Grab-N-Balls set of 3 10cm

The outward grippy texture of the Grab-N-Ball is the same as the Roll-N-Rattle's one, while the cha..

Grab-N-Rings set of 6 18cm

When fully inflated, the Grab-N-Rings can be tossed, juggled, throwed like disks or rolled on thei..

Hoop N' Target bag

This transport bag can store up to 12 hoops with a maximum diameter of 60cm. It also has multiple ho..

Hula Hoop Target Set

Transform your hula hoops! If you have two 75cm hoops, you have two targets at a price that any budg..


Squeeze the Knead-A-Ball and within seconds it returns back to its full diameter. Made from breathab..

Mini Move Cubes 10cm - Set of 6

Discover the Mini version of our very popular Move Cubes. Such as their big brothers, the Mini Move ..

Pair of Giant Catch Tail Balls

After the success of our Tail Ball we are introducing its big sister: the Giant Catch Tail ball is m..

Pair of Softee Balls

Soft and light balls that stick to our Super Catch Hand Wrap, Balls Eye Glove or Hoop 'N Target Bag...

Pebbles Bocce Balls

Pebbles Bocce Balls turn any surface into a bocce court and absorb the shock of impact. When thrown ..

Petanque Set with 6 Boules

Set composed of 6 chrome plated steel boules (3 different designs), one wooden target, one measuring..


Launch the Pocoball by holding its colorful multi-ribbon tail, twirl it and release it. It soars gra..

Pop-up Goal N' Target

Three targets, three times as many uses! It’s a quick goal, it’s a bullseye, it’s a number target. A..
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