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Cardiogoal Goal

This goal has been specifically designed for our new Cardiogoal sport but it can also be used for ot..

Giant Foam Dice Pair

Giant soft dice pair. Colors according to availability...

Kids Wooden Balance Board

This sturdy wooden Balance Board stimulates balance, coordination, strength, spatial and physical aw..

Multi Ramp for Bikes, Skates and Boards

The sturdy Multi Ramp is suitable for inline skates, scooters, skateboards and bikes. Use each side ..

Multi-Purpose Motor Skill Starter Set

The different elements of this set allow you to set up an obstacle course and to work on different m..

My first Finnish Skittles

Finnish skittles game for the young players. Made of 100% natural rubber foam, these coloured skittl..

Numbered Beanbags Set

Set includes 15 colored beanbags with different numbers (from 0 to 9 plus 00 and 000) and mathematic..

On the Move Skillastics

On the Move Skillastics (Half Pint Skillastics in the US) introduces young children (ages 3-5) or Sp..

Pair of Dancing Wrist Scarves

Each wristlet secures 24 colored juggling ribbons that flow through the air as they trace hand movem..

Rocking Balance Beam

This Balance Beam is ideal to work on balance, proprioception and gross motor skills with young chil..

Set of 3 Colored Twist Balls

Twisted American Football out of spiral shape foam for an easier grip. With PU coating for better du..

Set of 3 Educational Dice

12-sided dice with letters of the alphabet and one smiley. Ideal to play with in classrooms to learn..

Set of 3 Rubbabu Mini Sensory Balls

Three textured tactile balls in bright colors and shapes that are fun to hold, rub and squeeze. Thes..

Set of 3 Smashballs

Very bouncy balls that are easy to grab thanks to their small size and soft texture. Ideal for many ..

Set of 4 Multipurpose Buckets

These highly durable buckets can be used for many activities in your PE lesson: during relay races, ..

Set of 6 Pyramid Beanbags

These bottom-weighted, pyramid-shaped beanbags are great for all types of throwing activities as the..

Set of 6 Rubbabu Tactile Balls

These irresistible fuzzy and squishy balls keep kids safe and entertained for hours at end. The velv..

Spordas Juggling Peacock Feathers Set of 12

Start with the peacock feather on the palm of your hand. Look at the top. Now move the feather to th..

Tangle Nightball Soccer 16cm

With this Tangle Nightball Soccer you can play soccer in- and outdoors - both night and day! This sp..


This trampoline is made to resist to a long-time indoor- and outdoor use, thanks to the tubular fram..
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