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Auditory Memory Skills

Do you have children in your class who find it difficult to follow instructions or forget important ..

Can I Tell You About Stammering?

Meet Harry - a young boy who stammers. Harry invites readers to learn about what it is like to stamm..

Communication Activities with Adults

With more than 100 graded communication activities for individuals and groups, this practical book i..

Conversation Cubes

Spark discussions that will get all of your students talking. Colourful 4cm soft foam cubes feature ..

Draw on Your Relationships

Written by the award-winning author of Draw on Your Emotions, this book is designed for professional..

Fun with Food Programme

The Fun with Food Programme by Arlene McCurtin - Therapeutic Intervention for Children with Aversion..

Fun with Sounds

A versatile lotto and card game to encourage production of specific speech sounds and to develop voc..

Games for Talking: Let's Talk!

Let's Talk! is a set of discussion and prompt cards designed for use by all groups. The pack is divi..

Group Games: Relaxation & Concentration

This set of seven books offers a variety of games and activities that facilitate a positive and fun ..

How to Identify & Support Children with Speech & Language Difficulties

Speech and language difficulties are the most common developmental problem encountered in the primar..

Including Children with Speech and Language Delay

The aim of the Including Children with series is to equip practitioners and carers with the basic in..

It Takes Two to Talk Guidebook: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Language Delays

It Takes Two to Talk GUIDEBOOK: A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Language Delays by Ja..

Mouth and Tongue Let's Have Some Fun!

Learning new facial expressions and mouth movements can be great fun, just ask Sam! Moving the tongu..

Playing with P

This comprehensive resource presents activities, games and ideas to support the development of speec..

RCSLT Clinical Guidelines

The aim of these guidelines is to provide clinicians, managers and service users with statements reg..

Selective Mutism Resource Manual (2nd Edition - 2016)

The Selective Mutism Resource Manual (2nd Edition) by Maggie Johnson & Alison Wintgens Selectivel..

Semantic-Pragmatic Language Disorder

This resource pack is designed to fill the need for materials that provide a simple and practical fr..

Sentence Buildings

Stroll down to ‘Noun Tower’, ‘Verb Exchange’ and ‘Punctuation Point’ for a fun take on sentence cons..

Sound Bank Plus - Mirror

With simple record and play buttons this deluxe device provides the child with the opportunity to re..

Speaker's Box

Build oral language, critical-thinking skills and confidence as students reach into the box, pick a ..
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