Sensory Room: How to Build a Successful Sensory Room for Greater Brain Development

Many parents, professionals, Pediatric Therapists and Occupational Therapists have asked what items to use for a sensory room. While it may take many months, even years, to acquire the equipment needed for your students, there are a few key items you can add to your sensory room without breaking the bank. All the other items, you can add to your sensory room over time to help your child or student with sensory integration.

Top Items to Add to Your Sensory Room

The number one item you want to add to your sensory room is a floor scooter. Floor scooters allow your child to glide in the prone and supine positions, it strengthens your child’s core, improves balance, supports activities that enhance bilateral coordination, builds your child’s visual-motor skills for reading, and last but not least, improves hand-eye coordination for handwriting.

Another key item to add to your sensory room is a weighted bean bag used for improving your child’s attention and focus while strengthening your child’s visual-motor skills for reading and tracking.

Physio balls and sensory balls are other easy items to add to your sensory room. It’s amazing how many kids can’t dribble or bounce a ball, which could explain why they struggle with reading and writing ability. If they don’t have the hand-eye coordination, proprioception and visual-motor skills to control a bouncing ball, they won’t be able to write across the page, track words on the page and apply the right amount of pressure when using a pencil to write their name. Different types of balls allow your child to cross the midline, enhance processing speed and can strengthen many areas of the brain.

Sensory Room Tools

A few other favourite items that have greatly benefited students’ learning ability are listed below.

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CleverCo Dough Cutter Assortment & Roller- Set of 17

17 Piece Durable Plastic Dough KitIncludes Rolling Pin, Cutters and Dough and Modelling ToolsMade Fr..

CleverCo Giant Threading Buttons - Pack of 54

An excellent resource for supporting physical development and mathematics. 5 sizes, 5 colours, 6 lac..

CleverCo Hedgehog Sensory Stone

Tactile Hedgehog Stones are like no other walk-on domes. Each is manufactured like half of a tactile..
Emotions in Irish (Mothúcháin) Educational Play Mat 200x140cm

Emotions in Irish (Mothúcháin) Educational Play Mat 200x140cm

This large 2 metre x 1.4m learning play mat features 12 different emotions/feelings and their meanin..
€149.99 €99.99

Activity Cones Set of 8

Grab a stack of these sturdy plastic cones and head outside to play! Four different colours and two ..

Balancing Ball Set

This set of 6 balance handles and balls is a great addition to any collection of physical play resou..

Balancing Path - Pack of 28

This balancing path consists of 28 detachable pieces in 6 colours which can be slotted together to f..

Basketball Stand

Free-standing tubular steel basketball hoop with nylon rope net. Designed for primary and pre schoo..

CanDo Gel Squeeze Ball - Large Cylindrical - 6 Piece Set

CanDo® Gel Squeeze Ball - Large Cylindrical - 6-piece set (tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black):Can..

Colour Bean Bags - Pack of 4

Set of 4 colour bean bags, ideal for colour recognition and physical activities.Specification: Size:..

Cube Seating (Pack of 6)

Our cube seating is supplied as a set of 6 with multi coloured tops and a blue edge. They are suitab..

Easy Grip Balls Set Pack of 4

A set of four brightly coloured inflatable balls with a honeycomb effect surface which aids grip whe..

Emotions Cushions Set of 10

The Emotions Cushions are a set of 10 cushions that have a luxury foam inner and a wipe clean polyes..

Furb Ball

Super-sized, squashy balls filled with air, It is hard to resist squeezing or bouncing them, and the..

Game Mats - Set of 4 (100 x 100cm each)

An amazing collection of durable games carpets, to make play convenient and fun. All carpets ha..

Giant Catch Net

The Giant Catch Net is ideal for children of all ages who are looking for a target when playing with..

Glitter Sensory Lamp

When the glitter lamp is plugged in, the light bulb heats up the interior glitter filled liquid, cau..

Go Wheelie

A great way of developing physical control and encouraging children to follow directions as well as ..

Hanging Cushion Set - 15 Cushions

The Hanging Cushion Set includes 15 cushions in an easy to store hanging bag. The cushions can be ea..

How Are You Feeling Today? Rug

Our colourful range of rugs and mats features a variety of fun and educational designs. Each of our ..
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