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CleverCo Hedgehog Sensory Stone

Tactile Hedgehog Stones are like no other walk-on domes. Each is manufactured like half of a tactile..

Sensory Tray

Explore a whole new range of sensory fun with the Sensory Table! Designed to produce simultaneous ta..

A2 Light Panel

Our Ultra Bright Light panels use the latest low energy LED strip technology to provide a clean brig..

A3 Exploration Light Tray

Giant sized art tray for use on a desk, on the floor - inside or out. Made from clear polycarbonate ..

A3 Light Panel

Our Ultra Bright Light panels use the latest low energy LED strip technology to provide a clean brig..

A4 Acetate Sheets Mixed Colours Pack of 5

A set of colourful A4 acetate sheets, ideal for exploring colour-mixing and using with other colour ..

Bendable Smiler

Bendable Smiler figure that can be posed several waysThese smiley characters have long flexible limb..

Bobble Ball

Plastic ball covered in bobbles that shakes around on the floor, lights up and makes sound effects. ..

Bog Eyed Bugglies

Stretchy, squashy worm-like creatures with immense appeal, Two large, cartoon-style eyes peep out fr..

Brain Tools Imagine Relax Therapy Tangle

The Perfect Stress Reliever Tangle Brain tools Imagine is a therapeutic sensory toy with bumps, groo..

Clever Putty

Smart black tin containing a portion of silvery putty that can be moulded, stretched, torn, twisted ..

Easy Grip Balls Set Pack of 4

A set of four brightly coloured inflatable balls with a honeycomb effect surface which aids grip whe..

Easy Hold Colour Panels Pack of 3

Set of 3 transparent coloured acrylic sheets (red, blue and yellow) sealed inside hardwood frames wi..

Educational Light Cube Accessory Kit

The Educational Light Cube Accessory Kit is the perfect light table starter kit for younger students..

Flashing Spikey Bobble Ball

Multi-coloured plastic ball covered in spikes. Drop or catch it to trigger an internal flashing mech..

Flashing Squashy Caterpillar Sensory Toy

This caterpillar toy is squidgy, squeezy and flashes for several seconds when given a tap.. It's ide..

Foam Surround Mirrors - Pack of 5

Foam surround acrylic mirror are made using materials that are soft to the touch and can easily be w..

Furb Ball

Super-sized, squashy balls filled with air, It is hard to resist squeezing or bouncing them, and the..

Giant Crocodile Wall Game

The visually stunning activity wall is designed to look like a friendly crocodile that will attract ..

Giant Rainbow Coloured Springy 

Extra-large version of our ever-popular spring toy. With a diameter of 15cm and a coiled height of 1..
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