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Talkabout Sex and Relationships 1

Sex, Leadership & Rock 'n' Roll

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At last, a book that cuts through the jargon of leadership and personal development. It offers a real world source of inspiration and provocation in areas such as: creativity, innovation, relationships, motivation, leadership, high performance, learning and reinvention. The unique approach springs from the mix of leading edge concepts with the wisdom of the street in the form of rock music. This is served up in a quirky, challenging but intelligent way.

Peter Cook has skilfully synthesised these diverse viewpoints due to his background, both as a business academic, MBA graduate and tutor, strategy consultant and thought leader and also as a musician, writing and performing music, in rock bands.

The book examines the issues using the analogy of ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll' rather than the language of prophets, consultants and gurus. In this context, the letters MBA stand for Management By Attitude.

[ISBN: 9781845900168, 224 Pages]

[Authors: Peter Cook (Foreword by John Ottoway); Age Suitability: All]


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