Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain\’s normal development of social and communication skills.

Children with autism typically have difficulties in:

  • Pretend play

  • Social interactions

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication

  • The resources in ths section have been designed specifically to help professionals who are working with children with autism or pupil’s who have difficulties forming relationships.

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Sensory Fidget Tubes

39.99 inc VAT

Ear Defenders

24.99 inc VAT

Premier Depot Magnetic Weekly Planner Whiteboard 45x60cm

19.99 inc VAT

Social Skills Board Games Set of 6

34.99 inc VAT

Standard Pocket Chart

29.99 inc VAT

Big Bumper Box of Fun – Blue

24.99 inc VAT

Sensory Fidget Toy Kit

48.99 inc VAT

The Everyday Autism Handbook for Schools : 60+ Essential Guides for Staff


PHSE Programme for Learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders by Fiona Speirs

200.00 inc VAT

Binnie the Baboon Anxiety and Stress Activity Book


Privacy Board

24.99 inc VAT

Quality Circle Time in the Primary Classroom


Starving the Anger Gremlin: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Anger Management for Young People


Specific Learning Difficulties – What Teachers Need to Know


Big Bumper Box of Fun – Pink

24.99 inc VAT

6 Personal & Emotional Skills Board Games

34.99 inc VAT

Talking Tubes

24.99 inc VAT

Life Skills Activities for Special Children


What’s Happening to Tom? : A Book About Puberty for Boys and Young Men with Autism and Related Conditions


Talkabout for Children Book 1 – Developing Self Awareness and Self Esteem [2nd Edition]


Dealing with Feeling (2nd Edition) by Tina Rae


Practical Mathematics for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder 


Feelings Fans

9.99 inc VAT

Practical Sensory Programmes


The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (and Their Parents)


Danger Fans

9.99 inc VAT

Where does it hurt? Fans

9.99 inc VAT

Now and Next Pyramid

9.99 inc VAT

The Out of Sync Child


How to Support and Teach Children on the Autism Spectrum


All Cats Are on the Autism Spectrum (New Edition)


Friendship Formula Book


Magnetic Timetable for Primary

44.99 inc VAT

Self Assessment Fans

24.99 inc VAT

Talkabout Cards – Self Awareness Activities


Talkabout for Children Book 3 – Developing Friendship Skills [2nd Edition]