Graded reading books

The Usborne Reading Programme is a collection of over 200 reading books, graded in seven levels and covering a wide range of subjects, both fiction and non-fiction.

Beautifully produced, with lively writing and fabulous illustration, the books are designed to capture the imagination and build the confidence of beginner readers, and to motivate and inspire children who find reading difficult or dull.

Seven levels usbourne_wizard

First Reading Level One First Reading Level Two First Reading Level Three First Reading Level Four Young Reading Series One Young Reading Series Two Young Reading Series Three

The books are carefully graded and from one level to the next, there is a gradual but clear progression in terms of subject, style, story length, sentence structure and vocabulary. This gives children the satisfaction of mastering real books and making measurable progress.

\”Irresistible for children learning to read\”
Child Education Plus March 2009

Superb quality books usbourne_riding-hood_image

Each beautifully designed hardback book has a ribbon marker and combines vivid, engaging writing, with captivating full-colour illustration on every page, featuring the work of artists from around the world and superb contemporary or archive photography.

Supported by experts

The programme has been developed in consultation with Alison Kelly, a leading expert in the teaching of reading, who helped to draw up the seven-level framework and reads every title before publication. Non-fiction titles also draw on the expertise of specialists in the relevant areas.