May 8th 2024:

This morning the Department of Education has announced the budget for the Primary Schoolbook Grant 2024/25. The Schoolbooks scheme was introduced to remove the cost from families of funding schoolbooks, workbooks, copybooks and stationery for children and young people. These schemes provide funding for pupils enrolled in primary and special schools across Ireland under the Free Education Scheme.

You can read the official article from the Department of Education here. We have also summarised the article for your convienence below.

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1. How much is the grant and who is it paid to?

The grant is paid directly to the recognised schools at a rate of €80 per pupil. Funding is based on the enrolement figures on 30 September 2023. For ETB schools, funding is paid directly to the revelant ETB who then distribute the money.

2. Can we purchase second-hand schoolbooks under the scheme?

Yes, it’s down to the school management if they’d like to purchase second-hand books to achieve the best value for money.

3. What resources should be provided under the grant?

There are three tiers to the funding.

Tier 1: Schoolbooks, workbooks & copybooks

Tier 2: Classroom resources including: pens, pencils, crayons, folders, scrapbooks, rulers & calculators, shared library books, audio books

Tier 3: Subscriptions

For any questions relating to the Free Schoolbooks Schemes please give us a ring on 0749126958 or pop up an email at [email protected]