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Auditory Memory Skills

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Do you have children in your class who find it difficult to follow instructions or forget important information you have given them?

If so, they are almost certainly experiencing auditory memory difficulties... and this book is a must-buy for you!

Recalling auditory information is such a vital skill, but it can often be overlooked in a busy classroom.

Auditory Memory Skills enables children to improve their auditory recall ability in a focused, innovative and enjoyable way. It is packed with over 40 beautifully illustrated photocopiable activities, and divided into easy-to-use sections of increasing difficulty. The book starts by exploring recall of sounds, numbers and objects before moving on to elements of objects such as colour and shape. Next, children focus on memory for letter strings, digits and words, with the final sections designed to practice remembering sentences, instructions and narratives.

Teachers may choose to target a particular aspect which children are struggling with, or to work through the book in sequence. Whatever approach you take, children are sure to enjoy these fantastic and stimulating tasks. This book is ideal for children aged 4+ or older children with particular needs in this area.

Contains 48 A4 pages. .

Age Range : 5+
Learning Objectives :
Improve memory skills
Improve observation skills

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