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100 Ideas for Primary Teachers: Developing Thinking Skills

Thinking skills are the cornerstones of effective learning. When children are familiar with their 't..

6 Memory Skills Board Games

 Practise linking techniques for memorising lists; spot picture differences and visually match ..

Ah-Harr! The Ultimate Pirate Memory Game

Legend says that Blackbeard, the most dastardly pirate of all, buried his hoard of precious jewels o..

Auditory Memory Skills

Do you have children in your class who find it difficult to follow instructions or forget important ..

Awesome Auditory Activities

 With today’s emphasis on visual information, many students lack essential listening and memory skil..

Befuzzled Game

Befuzzled is the fast-paced classroom game that will have you thinking fast and acting faster! To pl..

Brainbox - ABC

Easy as 123, BrainBox My First ABC is full to the brim with fantastic images to help children recogn..

Brainbox - Animals

Did you know that a male kangaroo is called a boomer? Or that the okapi is only found in Africa and ..

Brainbox - Farmer's Market Lotto

A great way for young minds to learn about animals and colours by trying to match the coloured anima..

Brainbox - Home Sweet Home Lotto

Choose a board, and play on either the picture side or worded side. Spread the object cards face-dow..

Brainbox - Ireland

Can you name all of Ireland's counties? Or the year footballer George Best was born? BrainBox Irelan..

Brainbox - Maths

Do you know your Venn Diagrams from your Tally Chart? BrainBox maths is crammed full of concepts tau..

Brainbox - My First Maths

BrainBox my first maths is a fun way to get younger children engaging with basic mathematical concep..

Brainbox - My First Pictures

This fabulous game allows children from an early to recognise objects and names of items from househ..

Brainbox - My First Science

BrainBox my first science is a fun way to get younger children engaging with basic scientific concep..

Brainbox - Roald Dahl

Mixing up all the fun of BrainBox with Roald Dahl's splendiferous words and Sir Quentin Blake's glor..

Brainbox - The World

Do you know where Machu Pichu is? Or what bird New Zealanders are named after? BrainBox World contai..

Busy Brains Concentration Cards: Money

Match dollar and cent amounts to images of U.S. currency with Concentration Cards! Play a classic ga..

Busy Brains Concentration Cards: Telling Time

Engage in hands-on learning with large playing cards. This deck contains cards that show digital and..

Colour Cubed Strategy Game

Ages 5-9Colour matching critical thinking gameChildren will get addicted to this puzzle game as they..
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