Compasses are useful and fascinating pieces of equipment which rely on the earth’s magnetic north pole to work. Our range includes the chunky Compass Magnet which can be used in a bowl of water, and can demonstrate to children how early explorers used magnetism to find their way; to the small class set of mini Plotting Compasses which older children can use in science activities, e.g. to find which direction their classroom windows or playground faces.

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Compass Magnet & Bowl

Compass magnet complete with translucent plastic bowl marked with compass points. Fill the bowl with..

Double Sided Plotting Compass - Pack of 10

Double sided plotting compasses which can be viewed from both sides or used on an overhead projector..

Giant Compass

Tough plastic cased compass with lanyard. Marked with 8 compass points and full 360 degree scale rou..

Large Compass

Good quality compass with a tough plastic case and lanyard. Clearly marked with 4 compass points and..

Plotting Compass - Pack of 50

Small plotting compasses. Pack of 5014.5mm Diameter...

Standard Compass

Tough plastic cased compass with lanyard, Marked with 4 compass points and full 360 degree scale aro..
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