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CleverCo Attribute Blocks Set of 60

Each set contains 5 shapes (square, rectangle, circle, triangle & hexagon) in 3 colours, 2 sizes..

CleverCo Bear Counters Set of 48

Coloured plastic bears in three sizes and three weights are ideal for size-grading mass comparison c..

CleverCo Cotton Reels Value Pack of 122

A jumbo pack of 122 standard sized cotton reels in red, blue, green and yellow. SpecificationSize: 3..
CleverCo Counting Sticks Pack of 1,000

CleverCo Counting Sticks Pack of 1,000

Each stick measures 3mm dia. x 100mm long. A great way to develop children's skill in counting, sort..
€39.99 €29.99

CleverCo Dinosaur Counters - Pack of 128

A set of detailed dinosaur counters in 8 varieties (Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Tricera..

CleverCo Farm Animal Counters - Set of 192

Counting, matching and sorting activies come to life with these charming friendly farm animal counte..

CleverCo Jumbo 4cm Round Lacing Buttons Set of 200

Classroom set of round lacing buttons. Set contains 200 pieces with 4 coloured laces. Plastic b..

CleverCo Large 2.5cm Clear Coloured Counters Pack of 1000

Set of large 1000 clear counters in assorted colours.Specification: Pack of 1000. Diameter: 2.5cm Ag..

CleverCo Large Geometric Shapes Set of 17

Bright large plastic geometric shapes in 4 colours to inspire the learning of geometric relationship..

CleverCo Linking People Set of 120

Perfect for helping young children count, compare and sort. These sturdy plastic connecting people c..

CleverCo Pentominoes Set of 60

These Pentominoes can be used in class as an added value for higher level problem solving skills. St..

CleverCo Plastic Pattern Blocks Set of 250

Made from solid plastic, these 5mm thick pattern blocks are tough enough to withstand years of class..

CleverCo Plastic Pattern Blocks Tub of 250

Made from solid plastic, these 5mm thick pattern blocks are tough enough to withstand years of class..

CleverCo Red & Yellow Counters Set of 200

Durable plastic counters are perfect for a variety of counting activitiesCounters are yellow on one ..

CleverCo Translucent Counters Pack of 1000

This set of 1000 translucent counters are round. They are supplied in four different colours, 250 tr..

CleverCo Wild Animals Counters - Pack of 120

A set of detailed wild animal counters in 10 varieties (bear, camel, elephant, giraffe, gorilla, hip..

10 Up Game

Race to stack your numbers first! To play, deal the tiles equally, face down. Players race to play t..

2D Faces of 3D Shapes

Featuring a cut out plastic board which allows children to pass a 3D small solid shape through to id..

3D Connecting Camels - Pack of 96

Meets Numeracy Curriculum requirements. Explores Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Measurement and D..

Abacus Beads & Laces - Pack of 200

Heavy duty plastic beads in 5 bright colours. These abacus beads are perfect to teach children basic..
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