New Innovative Irish Phonics Programme! 馃寛

F贸naic le F铆s is an innovative Irish phonics programme empowering young learners to grasp Irish phonetics and master reading and blending skills for a comprehensive language experience.

F贸naic le F铆s is a systematic programme aligned with the Primary Language Curriculum and based on modern research on the ‘Science of Reading’ to cover:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Reading Skills

‘The aim of our programme is to make the Irish language accessible for all learners. It is incredibly user-friendly and all aspects of Phonological awareness, phonics awareness, phonics and early reading skills have been combined into one easy-t0-follow programme which will mean teachers no longer need to dip in and out of many different programme to teach F贸naic na Gaelige to their class’

The F贸naic聽le F铆s Leabhar A Pack聽contains write-in pupil books providing fun and engaging lesson activities for young children in their first year of learning to read and write as Gaeilge.

F贸naic le F铆s Leabhar A:

  • Introduces 25 initial sounds as Gaeilge, each with its own engaging character
  • Consolidates phonological awareness learning covered by the Phonemic awareness drills in the 鈥楲eabhar an Mh煤inteora鈥.
  • Teaches children how to use their phoneme knowledge to read and write decodable words.
  • Teaches 20 irregularly spelled words using the 鈥榟eart word聽approach鈥.
  • Covers 55 out of the top 100 most frequently found words in early years Irish books (35 decodable words and 20 heart words).
  • Comes with step-by-step lesson structures and comprehensive support, provided in the聽F贸naic le F铆s 鈥 Leabhar an Mh煤inteora鈥.

F贸naic le F铆s Leabhr谩n Fuaime:

  • An A5 practice book to revise the 25 sounds.
  • Complete with cuttable sound flashcards and heart word reference sheets.
  • It contains a page for each sound and space to draw or stick images beginning with that sound. It comes the children鈥檚 very own f贸cl贸ir
  • Contains a list of the Focail Chro铆the covered in Leabhar A to make revision at home easy!

F贸naic Le F铆s Flashcards contain 8 sets of flashcards in one pack,聽 suitable for whole-class use.

Contains: decodable flashcards, decodable flashcard pictures, decodable flashcard words, flashcards, high frequency words, rim flashcards, siolla铆 flashcards, heart cards.


Fonaic le Fis Leabhr谩n Amhr谩n is a collection of songs set to popular Irish tunes for each of the 25 letter sounds. Each are accompanied by its own inviting and friendly character.

These songs are sung by聽John Spillane. Perfect for use at home, one-to-one teaching or small groups.


The F贸naic le F铆s A Leabhar Mh煤inteora is a complete resource for teaching young children the skills they need to read and write as gaeilge fluently in their first year of school in a Gaelscoil (T1 School) or 1st class in a non-Gaelscoil (T2 School).

This handbook is a comprehensive resource for teachers who want the flexibility of teaching the programme with worksheets and other photocopiable resources in the classroom. It offers step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the teaching across the year, as well as a wealth of practical ideas and fun activities for the children.