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We’ve got a fantastic range of innovative Mathematics resources for children, including all your essential products to support across the spectrum, including numeracy, calculation, probability, reasoning and measurement all reviewed and recommended by our team of educational experts.

We have a great selection of games to help get children involved in Math, including our best selling Maths Smart Chutes and Giant Number Board which are great for getting children engaged at an early age and our Dice options which are important for our Maths Curriculum.

We also have some great outdoor and indoor games and to help put the foundations of Mathematics in place to ensure future success.

Don't forget check out our primary maths resources to make learning fun!

If there is a Maths product that you cannot find here, send an email to and we will do our utmost to source it for you.

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Number Bonds Magnetic Demo

Number Bonds Magnetic Demo

Easily demonstrate number relationships on the whiteboard! Colorful, magnetic circles, squares, and ..


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