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Apple (Pack of 2)

These wooden Apples will sit proudly in any play kitchen's fruit basket or in the Bigjigs Toys Vill..

Apple Juice (Pack of 2)

This realistic looking wooden carton of Apple Juice will become a firm favourite at playtime, to wa..

Aubergine (Pack of 2)

This wooden Aubergine can sit proudly atop your little one's stock of fresh vegetables, ready to be..

Bacon (Pack of 2)

This wooden Bacon rasher makes a tempting breakfast treat in the play kitchen. Bigjigs Toys wooden ..

Banana (Pack of 2)

Delicious and healthy - ripe Bananas are loved by children everywhere. Every play kitchen or Bigjig..

Belgium Bun (Pack of 2)

This wooden Belgium Bun looks good enough to eat but won't leave any crumbs lying around! A perfect..

Birthday Cake

Blow out the candles and make a wish on your special day! Feast your eyes on this delicious looking..

Biscuit Box

This large wooden biscuit box is full of delicious looking wooden biscuits - perfect for sharing! I..

Boiled Egg (Pack of 2)

This realistic looking wooden Boiled Egg is perfect for a playtime breakfast. Bigjigs Toys wooden p..

Breakfast Set

Serve up a balanced breakfast with this colourful wooden breakfast set that includes an egg, bread,..

Bunch of Grapes (Pack of 2)

This vibrant wooden Bunch of Grapes is complete with realistic looking felt leaves. Bigjigs Toys wo..

Butchers Crate

Fresh from the Butchers, this wooden Meat Crate includes a selection of meats such as bacon, steak..

Cake stand with 9 Cakes

Little ones can put their hosting skills to work with the Bigjigs Toys wooden Cake Stand with 9 woo..

Carrot (Pack of 2)

Delicious either raw or cooked to perfection, Carrots have so many uses! This bright wooden variety..

Cheese (Pack of 2)

This inviting looking wooden Cheese wedge will become a favourite at play time, but is best enjoyed..

Cheese Board Set

A wooden Cheese Board and knife, with a selection of brightly coloured cheeses to slice and serve! ..

Cherries (Pack of 2)

These wooden Cherries can be served straight from the play kitchen's fruit basket or stocked in the..

Chicken Thigh (Pack of 2)

Let's have a little meat with our vegetables today. This realistic looking Chicken Thigh can be ser..

Chilled Groceries

Little ones can stock up their Bigjigs Toys Village Shop or fridge with this colourful variety of w..

Chocolate (Pack of 2)

This wooden Chocolate is a special treat for little ones and can also be used as an ingredient in t..
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