Classroom craft: Recycled Christmas Crafting

Recycled Christmas Crafting

We all love Christmas crafting, but have you ever thought about recycling items you already have, or using nature to help form the base of your decorations?

From toilet roll tubes, to egg boxes, parcel packaging and pine cones. You’ll be surprised at what can easily be repurposed into beautiful take home gifts for parents, all whilst minimizing plastic use.

Our friends over at @my_three_little_strawberries have been busy coming up with some ideas, perfect for all ages. Take a look….

What you’ll need!

  • Bioglitter
  • Snow Sand
  • Egg Boxes
  • Paint
  • Christmas Music!



Egg Box Tree decoration

Step 1

Simply cut 3 ‘wells’ out of the egg box to form the 3 layers of the tree.

Encourage children to paint them green and decorate with collage materials,

you can use anything from pom-poms to eco glitter.

Step 2

Once they have dried, pierce a hole through the top of each

(adults only)

Step 3

Take a long ribbon thread and fold in half, tie a small knot in the top to create your loop for hanging.

Then, thread the ribbon through each of the 3 tree layers and tie a hidden

knot in the bottom to stop them from falling off.

How fantastic is this! Using an old egg box, you can create a beautiful hanging Christmas tree.


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