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Space Mission: Nonsense Words

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Ages 4 - 8

A read and rescue race!

Early learners will love helping the planet Phoneme while boosting phonics skills too! This challenge game helps children recognise nonsense words.

Children fly their saucer and use the Super Suction feature to collect the astronaut and alien cards

Pronounce the words on the back of the cards correctly in order to save them

Astronaut cards show real words and Alien cards show nonsense words (words that are made up but phonetically plausible)

Rescue the most to win!

Space Mission: Nonsense Words includes:

  • Four spaceships
  • 110 game cards
  • Activity guide
  • Features multilingual packaging

What are nonsense words?

  • Strings of letters that follow phonics rules taught in class, but don’t mean anything
  • Children need to read them with the correct sounds to show that they understand the phonics rules behind them

How to play

  • The youngest player goes first and uses their spaceship to collect a card of their choice, pressing it down onto the card to seal the suction base
  • Keeping the spaceship in place, the player turns it over to reveal a word on the reverse of the card
  • If pronounced correctly, they get to keep it. If incorrect, the card gets placed back in play
  • Play continues to the left
  • The first player to collect three astronauts and three aliens wins!

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