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180 Days of Reading E (Fourth Class Level/Ages 9-10) helps pupils to build their reading comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, and word study skills using daily practice activities. Great for in-class lessons, after school, intervention, or homework, teachers can help students gain regular practice through these quick, diagnostic-based activities. Both fiction and nonfiction reading passages are provided as well as data-driven assessment. With this easy-to-use photocopiable book, students will boost their reading skills in a hurry!

The activities provide an at-a-glance opportunity for formative assessment of children's learning.

How it works:

The activities in 180 Days of Reading Book E are organised into weekly themes.

Days 1, 2 and 3 follow a consistent format, with a short piece of text and five corresponding items. These pages can be used to assess children's engagement, phonological and phonemic awareness, vocabulary and comprehension.

A longer text is used for Days 4 and 5. On Day 4, children answer more in-depth questions that assess understanding of purpose, genre and voice as well as comprehension strategies and fluency and self-correction.

The activity provided for Day 5 is a writing task in which children respond to the text explored on Day 4. This is an open task, allowing teachers or parents to use their own discretion as to which writing skills will be assessed.


Author: Suzanne Barchers

Published by Just Rewards Publications January 21st 2019

Paperback: 220pp, illustrated, 210mm x 245mm

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